A message from the Representative Director

Natural environment, social environment and working environment have been rapidly changing these days in the modern society.
Therefore, our conventional concept would become useless and thinking out of the box would be required to come up with an innovative approach.
Progressing of IT, AI. & IoT and development of technology such as telecommunications are continuous. Cleaning robots or security robots are introduced in our business field in order to automatize those services in the future.
Therefore, we also would like to make a progress under our CIP sprit in order to meet the customer’s demand in the present age but not to forget to go back to the origin regression.

These are our goals (motto);

  • To make every effort to meet customer satisfaction.
  • To make the customer satisfaction will be our job satisfaction.
  • To improve the customer satisfaction we will give priority to those goals.

We promise you that each of us will do one’s best to achieve these goals so that our customers will be fully satisfied with our services.

Akira Suzuki, Representative Director